Luminous products can not only bring convenience to our lives, but also improve children’s imagination. Luminous paper is a new kind of school supplies. Using UV flashlight, you can create on the luminous paper, which is very magical.

Although we call it “paper”, luminous paper is made of super durable vinyl material, which can be attached to almost anything. And keep it forever. There is a thin layer of luminous powder on the surface of the luminous paper. The luminous powder is a non-toxic and non-polluting environmentally friendly material that will not cause harm to children. Through the irradiation of light, it can emit bright light in a dark environment.

Glowing things are divided into categories that refer to how they work. Here’s a true statement: “Luminescence is cool!” Things that luminesce usually do so without needing or producing heat. Think of it as self-generated light.

You’ll notice that the paper is actually sheets of sticky-backed, vinyl labels. While the adhesive doesn’t allow the sheets to be run through a printer, you can cut out shapes from the paper with a die-cut press machine or scissors. You can also trace shapes right onto it and cut them out to make glowing images. Go ahead! Make some glow-in-the-dark vocabulary word stickers!