With the gradual improvement of people’s living standards, people are also constantly exploring the possibility of the future development of the pavement. Just like the new noctilucent pavement that people have researched now, they can gradually replace street lights and become a light source to illuminate people at night. Speaking of which, people will be curious about what is a glow in the dark road and what materials are used to make it glow at night?

At present, most of the materials used in noctilucent roads are self-luminous materials and light-storing self-luminous materials. The two have different light-emitting principles. Let’s take a look together.

The luminous road surface of the light-storing self-luminous material is like a rechargeable battery. It absorbs the excitation light energy and stores it. After the light excitation stops, the stored energy is slowly released in the form of light, and it can last for several hours or even a dozen. Hours of luminescent material. This process of absorbing light-storing-re-emitting and repeating indefinitely is similar to the repetition of charging-discharging-recharging-re-discharging of the storage battery, so it is called a light-storing self-emitting material.

Luminous pavement can be applied to roads in parks, highways, bicycle lanes, sidewalks, tunnels, and scenic and villa areas. The luminous pavement is not only practical but also highly visible, which adds to the night scenery of the city. Compared to the darkness of the road at night, the luminous way is really the gospel of night runners or night travelers.

glow in the dark