Glow in the dark brightness and afterglow time are important factors that determine the quality of the luminous powder, so how to compare the luminous powder’s brightness, this problem is very easy, that is to choose two different luminous powder, the same light source, the same irradiation Time, recharge the luminous powder. After the energy is full, compare it in a dark environment.

First, prepare two different luminous powders on the table and prepare a purple light. After placing the two types of luminous powder, place the purple light on top of the luminous powder (note that the light must be evenly illuminated on the two types of luminous powder). After the purple light is set up, start counting 10 Minutes (using violet light, ten minutes can be full of energy).

After ten minutes, the energy of both luminous powders will be full. After turning off the purple light, you can intuitively see the brightness of the two luminous powders. In the process of comparing the brightness, the energy of the luminous powders is slowly released. The brightness of the luminous powder will gradually weaken, but in the two other luminous powders, no matter how much energy is released by the brighter luminous powder, its brightness will be higher than that of the other glow in the dark powder.

Now Luminous Technology has developed a high-intensity luminous powder. When comparing high-intensity luminous powder with ordinary luminous powder, the same light source is irradiated for the same irradiation time. Finally, the brightness of ordinary luminous powder and the luminous powder of high-luminescence are compared. There is no comparability. When customers purchase luminous powder, luminous technology can customize luminous powder that is suitable for customers according to their needs. Been hydrolyzed very seriously, and the luminous effect is getting weaker and weaker in the dark environment. After one day, the waterproof luminous powder has not changed, and the luminous effect has not changed.

After testing, the waterproof luminous powder has a very good waterproof ability, and the ordinary luminous powder will hydrolyze immediately after contact with water and has no waterproof ability. Through the continuous testing of technical personnel, the performance of the waterproof luminous powder is summarized. The waterproof luminous powder can be immersed in water for more than one year without any change. It can be applied to any aqueous medium and humid environment.