Luminescent ceramics / luminous glass is a new ceramic / new glass product with a self-luminous function by adding long afterglow photoluminescence material (glow in the dark powder) in the production process of ordinary ceramics / ordinary glass. In addition to the original common characteristics of ceramic glass, the luminescent ceramic / luminescent glass also has the characteristic of emitting light in the dark after absorbing visible light, which makes the application range of ceramic/glass wider.

Materials that have the functions of light absorption, light storage, and luminescence in luminescent ceramics / luminous glass products absorb various visible light, and after the energy reaches saturation, they can continue to emit light in the dark and can be used for unlimited cycles, with long afterglow time and high brightness. They are traditional luminescent materials (Sulfur) dozens of times. The material does not contain any radioactive elements and is non-toxic, harmless, and non-radioactive. The self-luminous low-level emergency lighting effect of luminescent ceramic / luminescent glass is not only energy-saving but also the unique light penetrating power in dense smoke, which can guide people to evacuate in an emergency and reduce confusion.

Light-emitting ceramics / light-emitting glass are used in residential buildings and public buildings, which not only can beautify the living and working environment, but their self-luminous characteristics in the dark or at night have brought great convenience to people’s life and work, saving energy.

Light of a certain wavelength emitted by light-emitting ceramics / light-emitting glass has a certain inhibitory effect on certain molds. Using this feature, the use of light-emitting ceramics / light-emitting glass for the decoration of kitchens and bathrooms is in line with modern people’s pursuit of fashion and health. Life concept. Compared with other organic light-emitting materials, light-emitting ceramics / light-emitting glass have a series of characteristics such as corrosion resistance, friction resistance, aging resistance, flame retardancy, non-toxic side effects, and no radioactivity.

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