The principle of luminous powder luminescence is that it absorbs energy through the irradiation of light, stores the energy, and releases the energy in a dark environment to emit yellow-green light. Many customers consult us. Can luminous products be used in dark places such as underground parking lots and safe passages? Here, the answer to Yeguang Technology is “yes”.

In a dark environment, the ordinary glow in the dark powder absorbs weak energy. When power is cut off, luminous products made with ordinary luminous powder play a small role. At this time, the fast-absorbing luminous powder is required. The fast light-absorbing luminous powder is suitable for darker environments. It only needs a short time of exposure to fill energy and release the same brightness as ordinary luminous powder.

Noctilucent Technology conducted a test for the absorptive test of fast-absorbent luminous powder and ordinary luminous powder. The Prime Minister put the fast light-absorbing luminous powder and ordinary luminous powder in the dark environment for extinction. The luminous effect of this luminous powder completely disappeared before testing.

In a dark environment, place two types of luminous powder on the desktop, turn on the flash of the mobile phone and swipe over the two types of luminous powder. At this time, it’s obvious to me that I have quickly compared the luminous powder. The luminous effect appears, and it is very bright. After the instant luminous powder is illuminated by the mobile phone light, the glow in the dark effect also appears, but the brightness is very low and can be ignored.

Through this fast light absorption test, we can immediately conclude that the light absorption speed of the fast light-absorbing luminous powder is very fast. It only takes a few seconds to emit a very good effect, which is very suitable for dark environments. Here, Luminous Technology reminds our friends that fast luminous powder absorbs light quickly, but the afterglow time is short. When selecting luminous powder, you need to choose luminous powder according to the environment and product attributes.