With the increasing application range of luminous powder, many fields have higher requirements for luminous powder.  So in addition to the luminous brightness and the duration of the luminous powder, we need to consider many other factors.

One of the most important factors influencing the use of luminous powder is water. So after the luminous powder comes into contact with water, a chemical reaction occurs to hydrolyze the luminous powder. Then the hydrolyzed luminous powder loses the luminous effect.

Because of the improvement of luminous powder technology, Glow Technology has developed a waterproof luminous powder.  So this luminous powder can be immersed in water for two years or more. And it will not affect hydrolysis. And at the same time, it obtains Japanese patent technology.

The waterproof luminous powder can soak in water for a long time. And it will not affect the luminous effect. So the field of waterproof luminous powder application will be wider. And the waterproof luminous powder can be used in water-based media such as water-based paint.

And you can place it for a long time in an outdoor or indoor humid environment without any influence.

In order to let more people know the waterproof luminous powder, Glow Technology has the test for waterproof luminous powder.

Let’s take a look.

01. Before testing, we need to prepare waterproof luminous powder, normal luminous powder, two cups of the same water and PH test paper.

02. Put the pH test paper in the water and wait for one second to take it out (proving that the two glasses of water are the same).

03. Then let’s pour the waterproof glow powder in to the left glass.

04. And pour the normal glow powder into the right glass.

05. Then stir and mix well with a glass rod.

06. And after stirring, put the pH test paper into two beakers. And after 1 second, the left side pH test paper did not change, and the right side pH test paper turned blue. So it shows that the normal glow in the dark powder starts hydrolyzation already.

07. Now we wait for 10mins.

08. And after 10 minutes, put the pH test paper into the beaker and take it out after one second. Again let’s check with pH test paper. As you can see, the normal glow powder further hydrolysis. While the Glow Technology’s waterproof powder still remains no change.

09. Let’s wait for one hour and see.

10. So through an hour of soaking test the normal glow powder seriously hydrolyzed. And the water pH value becomes very high. But the Glow Technology’s waterproof glow powder shows absolutely no change.

11. Finally, let’s take a look at the glow in the dark pigment soaked for one day.

12. And after soaking in the water for a day, the luminous effect of the waterproof glow powder is perfect. But the ordinary glow powder is hydrolyzed seriously. Only have the weak glow effect. Finally, the normal glow powder will be hydrolyzed entirely and lose the luminous effect day by day.

waterproof glow in the dark powder

Therefore, Glow Technology reminds everyone that when buying glow in the dark powder should choose according to your own needs.

And if the powder does not touch the aqueous medium, you can select the normal glow in the dark powder.

And if it is exposed to the aqueous medium, you must choose waterproof glow powder.