After buying luminous powder, many people can only emit light for more than ten minutes in a dark environment after they are full of energy. In fact, in a dark environment, the glow time of luminous powder can reach more than 10 hours.

The luminous powder is a weak light source, and the effect of luminescence cannot be compared with ordinary light sources. The weak light source is that we walk from a bright environment to another dark room. After entering this room, we cannot immediately find the power supply in the room.

Because our eyes have not had time to adapt to the dark environment, the brightness of this power supply is very different from the brightness of the outside, so we have to adapt to the darkroom for a period of time before we can find this low light.

Similarly, if we observe the luminous powder after switching from a bright place to a dark environment, it will take a little time because the eyes need to adapt to the darkness, which leads us to misunderstand the brightness of the luminous powder. Not so bright.

The luminous powder has the performance of “storage energy-luminescence.” After absorbing the light energy, the luminous powder starts to release energy after stopping the light and consumes the energy stored in the luminous powder when emitting light. Is constantly decaying.

Through the experience and data of the test, a conclusion can be drawn that the luminous powder glows. Luminous powder decayed very quickly within 10 minutes of glowing and then slowed down after 10 minutes. Our observation time is short, the brightness decays quickly, and our eyes have not yet adapted to the dark environment, resulting in a very large difference in brightness. We will think that the luminous powder glows for a short time.

glow in the dark powder comparison