Entering the subway station, green safety signs can be seen everywhere. These safety signs can guide people to pass safely in a light environment. When a power outage at a subway station is dangerous, in a dark environment, these safety signs emit a glow in the dark effect. These luminous signs are made of luminous powder.

The luminous safety sign can continue to light for more than 12 hours in a dark environment, and the lighting effect can continue to circulate. It can well guide the evacuation of personnel in an emergency, locate the location of the incident, and earn valuable time for emergency rescue. Luminous safety signs are made of luminous powder and other safety materials, which are safe, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-radioactive, and low cost.

The brightness values ​​of such safety signs have exceeded (P.S.P.A.) the lightness brightness standard. With the development of society, safe travel has become a top-ranking criterion, and the use of luminous indicator signs in a reasonable and standardized manner can, to a large extent, reduce the risk of accidents and protect our lives.

Features of luminous logo:

  1. The weather resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, water resistance, and radioactivity of luminous safety signs should meet the requirements of GA480.3-2004.
  1. Absorb light in a bright place, glow in dark place. Absorb energy in a light environment, and continue to glow in a dark environment, giving people a message.
  1. Low excitation conditions, sunlight, light, and ambient light can be used as excitation light sources.
  1. No power supply is required. The product is non-toxic, non-radioactive, and stable in chemical properties after testing by the Chinese Academy of Metrology.
  1. High luminous brightness and long luminous time, far exceeding the requirements of a fire evacuation.
  1. Simple installation and easy maintenance. It can be flexibly installed according to the actual needs of public places. Signs can be installed at different locations such as the ground, wall, and roof.
  1. It can be reused unlimited times with a 100% safety factor.
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