The main raw material of luminous sticker is photo-storage glow in the dark powder(no radioactivity),and photo-energy storage luminous powder is after the phosphor is exposed to natural light, daylight, ultraviolet light,etc. The light energy is stored and slowly released in a fluorescent manner after stopping the light irtadiation, so that the light can still be seen at night or in the dark and the duration is long. It can take hours to ten hours, so try to let it be exposed to the outside and absorb the light. The more the night light is absorbed after the daylighting brighter, the longer the time. It is provided with double-sided tape. When you use it, just cut the double-sided tape into small pieces and stick it on the wall . You can see the faint light from this glow sticker at night. 70Stars and 30Moons(100pcs)


1.100% new and high quality

2.Best Gift For Your Children Or Your Friends!

3.Ideal for decoration: on wall ,doors,lamps,household articles,bedroom ceilings and any smooth,clean surface.

4.Safety and environmental protection, non-toxic odor-free, suitable for family safe home space

5.Lifelike, natural brick pattern effect, simple and modern style

6.Free DIY, easy self-adhesive design, installation, casual collage, arbitrarily cut

How to use:

1.Attach the enclosed mini two sided stickers and stick one side and the other side to a clean and smooth surface.

2.At night, turn on your room’s lights for the sticker to get “charged”.

3.After 5 minutes, turn your lights off and you will see your sticker shining brightly…

Luminous wall poster