What material is a glow in the dark stone made of? How bright is the luminous stone in a dark environment? These two are the questions that everyone is most concerned about. The first question is well answered. There are two types of luminous stone materials, one is glass, and the other is resin. Of course, glass is superior to resin in terms of hardness and abrasion resistance.

In answering the second question, what Glow Technology wanted to answer was “not necessarily.” Different manufacturers produce luminous stones with different brightness and body color. Therefore, only by comparing the brightness of luminous stones, can we evaluate the quality of luminous stones.

In order to compare the brightness, Glow Technology purchased the luminous stone produced by other manufacturers on the Internet and compared the luminous stone that it bought back with the luminous stone of Glow Technology.

Put two kinds of luminous stones under the light for 15 minutes, and the energy of the luminous stones can be filled. After the luminous stone is full of energy, turn off all the lights, and in a completely dark environment, you can compare the brightness difference between the high luminous stone and the ordinary luminous stone. The luminous stone’s brightness will decrease with the change of time. We monitor the luminous stone at the fifth and tenth minutes, respectively. At these two time points, whether it is five minutes or ten minutes, the brightness of the bright luminous light is brighter than the ordinary luminous powder.

The glow in the dark stones sold on the market now come from different manufacturers. Due to different factors such as brightness and material, the prices of luminous stones are also different. Therefore, when purchasing luminous stones, choose the appropriate luminous stone according to your own needs.

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