Now, the luminous stone seen on the market belongs to artificial luminous stone. The luminous powder is mixed with different media to produce stones of various materials. These luminous stones can be used for road construction, home decoration, and jewelry production. Waiting for various places. The luminous stones of different materials are used in different fields.

1. Glass material luminous stone:
Luminous stone made of glass is made of luminous powder and low-temperature glass, and the surface is irregular gravel. A total of four sizes are ≤5mm, 5-10mm, 10-15mm, ≥15mm. The advantages of glass material luminous stone are high hardness and strong weather resistance, which can be used outdoors, road construction, garden decoration, etc. Its disadvantage is that it has a single color and can only be made in yellow, green, sky blue, and blue-green colors.

Glass luminous stone

2、Resin material luminous stone
The luminous stone made of resin is made of luminous powder and resin material, and the surface is smooth and round. Its advantage is that it can produce a variety of colors, the disadvantage is poor weather resistance, can not be used outdoors, it will turn yellow after a little time. The luminous stone made of resin is suitable for the decoration of fish tanks and decoration.

Resin luminous stone
  1. Coated pebbles
    The production process of this luminous stone is very simple. Put ordinary pebbles in the luminous paint, wrap the luminous paint on the surface of the cobblestone, wait for the surface of the luminous paint to dry, and then use it. The advantage of this kind of luminous stone is its low price. Compared with glass luminous stone and resin luminous stone, its price is lower, and the manufacturing process is the simplest. Its disadvantage is that the luminous effect of the surface is uneven, and in a dark environment, there will be a contrast between light and dark.

Each luminous stone has its own advantages and disadvantages. When choosing the luminous stone, choose according to the environment of use. Among these three types of luminous stones, luminous stones made of glass are the best choice and can be used in various places such as indoor and outdoor, without restrictions of other factors.