Printing luminous materials on textiles

Luminous textiles mainly include two types: one is to print and dye the luminous paste on the textiles, and the other is to use the luminous fiber to produce the luminous textiles through the textile.

1 Luminous printed textiles

Luminous printed textiles use coating finishing technology to print patterns on printed textiles added with luminous materials. The processing technology is similar to ordinary printing.
If it is matched with the pattern design at the same time, it can produce a special effect of color change. However, due to the poor hand feel, performance, washing resistance and luminous effect of luminous printed textiles, and serious environmental pollution in the production process, new luminous fiber textiles were born.

2 Use luminous fibers and ordinary fibers to make textiles
Ye Fiber Optic is a new type of high-tech light-storing fiber made of rare-earth material as a luminous body, which is made by surface coating or special spinning process.

2.1 Surface coating luminous fiber

The luminous fiber produced by the method of surface coating is made by dissolving rare earth compounds in an appropriate solvent and mixing with a certain binder. The fiber is put into such a color paste for coating treatment to obtain a luminous fiber. The luminous fiber obtained by this method is similar to the luminous coating textile, because the luminescent compound is on the surface of the fiber, and the washing resistance, acid and alkali resistance, etc. are not ideal.

2.2 Special spinning process luminous fiber

A special spinning process is used to produce luminous fiber. In the polyester material spinning solution, rare earth aluminate luminescent materials and nano-level additives are added to produce a polyester filament that can emit light through a special spinning process. As long as it absorbs visible light for 10 minutes, it can store the light energy in the fiber and continue to emit light for more than 10 hours in the dark state. The product is non-toxic and safe to use.

luminous fiber