What are the luminous tiles?

  1. Luminous ceramic / luminous glass is a new ceramic / new glass product with a self-luminous function by adding luminous materials in the production process of ordinary ceramic / general glass.2. Luminous materials containing light absorption and light emission functions in luminous ceramics / luminous glass can absorb light in a dark place after absorbing a variety of visible light and can be recycled for an unlimited number of times. The long-lasting luminous powder has a long afterglow time and high brightness, which is dozens of times that of traditional luminescent materials (sulfide).3. In addition to the original common characteristics of ceramics and glass, luminous ceramics / luminous glass also has the characteristics of shining in the dark after absorbing visible light. This feature makes the application range of ceramics/glass wider.

How to choose luminous tiles?

  1. Overlap two bricks of the same variety together, align the four corners and turn one of the tiles, the size of the four sides is always the same. This method is suitable for the detection of tiles with smooth surfaces.2. The characteristics of antique bricks are various changes in surface color and pattern, and the surface can be uneven. Two bricks of the same variety are overlapped together, the four corners are aligned, and one of them is rotated. The friction is small when rotating, indicating good quality.3. Water absorption. Pour water on the back of the brick, the faster the water disappears, the higher the water absorption rate, the looser the texture, and the weaker the strength. The size of water absorption is an important sign of the quality of ceramic tiles.

    4. Finish. This is an important indicator for testing the quality of polished ceramic tiles. Clean the protective layer on the surface of the polished ceramic tile, put it in the light or sunlight, and view it at a 45-degree angle—the brighter the surface, the better.

    5. Listen to the sound. The thumb, index finger, and middle finger of the left hand clamp the corner of the tile and hang down easily. Lightly hit the tile with the index finger of the right hand. The sound is clear and bright. It is a good product. The sound is dull and is a poor quality product. Tap lightly with a hard object, the clearer the sound, the higher the degree of porcelainization, and the better the quality.

Glow in the dark tile