At night in the city, there will be some glow in the dark pavements. These luminous pavements are generally two kinds of materials. One is glow in the dark stone. Luminous pavements are usually laid with luminous stones. They are burned with luminous powder and glass materials and then broken. The other is luminous paint. Glow in the dark paint is a special paint compounded by a specially treated luminous powder combined with a highly transparent resin substance. Luminous road coatings used in the road field must not only have basic luminous functions but also have Impact resistance, abrasion resistance, UV resistance, easy construction, and operation.

Characteristics of luminous pavement:

  1. It has very good physical and chemical characteristics, can be used outdoors or in harsh environments, does not change color.
  1. It has a long service life (> 15 years), and its light absorption, light storage, and luminous properties can be used for unlimited cycles.
  1. Good anti-skid performance, strong compression resistance, and good abrasion resistance.
  1. The requirements for the excitation light source are particularly low. When the light is 25LX, it can be used as the excitation light source, and the general building light can reach more than 500LX. Therefore, sunlight, general lighting, and ambient light can be used as the excitation light source.
  1. After 10-20 minutes of irradiation, it can emit light for 6 to 12 hours.
  1. It does not contain any toxins and radioactive elements, harmless to the human body and the environment.

The luminous pavement is a new type of green product. It has safety, no odor, no radiation, no pollution; beautiful, beautiful color, long-term fading; high energy-saving luminous brightness, long afterglow time, high wear resistance coefficient, long service life, and other product characteristics. It can be applied to roads in parks, highways, bicycle lanes, sidewalks, tunnels, and scenic and villa areas. The luminous pavement is not only practical but also highly visible, which adds to the night scenery of the city. Compared to the darkness of the road at night, the luminous road is really the gospel of night runners or night travelers.