Luminous fish float, I believe, that friends who love fishing are not strangers, especially those who like fishing in the wild. When fishing at night, especially for a long time waiting for the fish to hook, the first choice is the luminous fishing float. Because the faint light of the luminous drift is relatively light compared to the use of light when fishing, it is less likely to disturb the fish and is easy to carry, so many people will choose it.

However, luminous fishing floats also have weaknesses. The most prominent is the large volume of luminous fishing floats, which leads to a decrease in sensitivity, which is a little worse in operation than ordinary fish floats.

The luminous fishing float can be made by yourself. Prepare an ordinary fish float and prepare a glow in the dark paint and a white primer. First, apply a white primer to the surface of the fish float. When painting, ensure that the white primer is even. After painting, wait for two hours to make the surface of the fish float dry.

After the white primer on the surface of the fish floats, the varnish is evenly applied to the surface of the fish float, covering the top of the white primer, and the paint is evenly distributed when brushing. In the process of brushing, it should be noted that the varnish needs to be brushed twice, and the first time and the second time are separated by two hours.

After the second coat of varnish is applied, do not use it immediately. Wait 24 hours before you can use it. In the whole process of production, there is no complicated operation, and it is very easy to make.

glow in the dark fishing floats