Among luminous products, the use of glow in the dark paint can be said to be very extensive, ranging from outdoor ground construction to small crafts production.

In life, many people like DIY and make something they like. Glow technology is not only to explain luminous products to you but also to teach you how to make DIY small products such as luminous paint and luminous stone in life.

So today, Glow Technology teaches you to use luminous paint to make luminous starry sky bottles, and then you can use them as decorations and put them at home. Let’s take a look at the production steps.

First, prepare a clean and beautiful glass bottle, two colors of glow in the dark paint, and a glass rod (no glass rod or brush can be used). Use a glass rod to dip a small amount of luminous paint, and place the luminous paint on the inside of the glass bottle (please note that when making, first make the bottom of the glass bottle).

After the production is completed, the glass bottle is irradiated in a light environment. After the energy is full, it is placed in a dark environment. The luminous effect is very beautiful. The luminous starry sky bottle made with luminous device is very beautiful at night, and there are many ways to make a starry sky bottle. You can make your favorite pattern according to your own ideas. After making it, put it in the home for decoration and close it. Lights that take the room to a new level.

Fairy Glowing Bottle