In the technology market where industry competition is increasing, product diversification and personalization are the keys to attract consumers. The market is relatively rare in imitation jade noctilucent crafts. It is based on polymer resins, adding glow in the dark powder and Pigments are made by resin craftsmen through a scientific formula through a mold. Here are two ways to prepare it.

The first is to formulate very few colorless transparent resins, and uniformly paint the colorless resins once in each relief mold to be made so that the surface of the craftwork has a layer of transparent paint. Another advantage is that the luminous powder does not easily sink into the surface of the resin craftwork during pouring, resulting in a very rough surface. Therefore, it is necessary to apply a colorless protective layer. And let it reach 50% curing before pouring work.

When configuring the second type, you should add a little titanium dioxide. Correct the color of the resin. When adding light green, the color is purer, and the effect of imitating jade will be better. With the resin of imitating jade color, add luminous powder according to 10% of the resin amount and stir evenly. Agent, at this time, our casting materials are prepared.

When the operating temperature is lower than 15 ℃, heat treatment should be performed. The curing temperature is best between 40 ℃ -80 ℃. It only takes about 15 minutes. If the work is found to be sticky after demolding, it should be placed in the basin before it is completely cured. , Pour in boiling water to warm, it will solidify after cooling. The cured works should be sanded with water sandpaper, and then the works should be polished manually.

Luminous Crafts