In real life, people use glow in the dark powder to emit light for a long time to make a weak light source. There are specialized applications in the military sector, coating this material on aviation instruments, clocks, windows, switch lights.

After these light-emitting components are illuminated by light, they can emit light in a dark environment, so that people can discern the direction around them, bringing convenience to work and life.

At present, noctilucent materials at home and abroad are mainly made of ZnS, SrS, and CaS, which can emit yellow-green light. SrS and CaS materials are prone to deliquescent, which brings difficulties to many applications. Therefore, luminescent materials based on ZnS are mainly used in the market. However, its luminous time is only 1 to 3 hours, and it is easy to deteriorate and darken in strong light (such as sunlight), ultraviolet light, and humid air, so it is limited in many fields.

With the application of luminous powder in the craft industry and toy industry, more and more customers have started to use luminous powder to change the performance of products. However, many characteristics of the luminous powder itself are unknown to many customers. For example, there are now. There are many types of luminous powder, the quality and price are different.

glow in the dark powder