Luminous wall paint is a kind of wall decoration paint. It absorbs general visible light. After 10-20 minutes of irradiation, it can continue to shine for about 12 hours in a dark environment. It can expand the monotonous wall into a strange one — a fantastic multidimensional space.

The decorative effect is very creative, with distinct layers, vivid, delicate patterns, no gaps, no cracks. Colors can be freely matched, and characters, landscapes, flowers, cartoons, etc. can be arbitrarily chosen, and can be customized.

Not only that, but it can also be recycled indefinitely, with long service life, non-toxic and harmless, and free of radioactive elements. It is a new generation of environmentally friendly decorative coatings. Mainly suitable for entertainment occasions as well as family homes.

In fact, the method of making the luminous door is very simple. When choosing the luminous paint, you first need to choose high-intensity glow in the dark paint. Because the ordinary glow in the dark paintbrush is applied to the door, you will find that the brightness is not enough, the time is short, and so on. Above, we have to choose a bright luminous paint.

After selecting the paint, apply the luminous paintbrush on the door, wait for it to dry after brushing the picture, and wipe it to paint a layer of varnish on the surface of the luminous paint. The purpose is to protect the luminous paint and make the luminous paint have better illumination. Effect.

glow in the dark room