Tips on luminescent pigment injection

  • Suitable plastic materials for luminescent pigment injection are: PP, PE, PVC, PU, PS, ABS, TPR, EVA, PMMA, nylon, etc. The more transparent of the plastic material, the better glow effect. If you need to add color powder, try to use fluorescent color powder. And the less it is added, the better (generally less than 1%).
  • The proportion of luminescent pigment in injection, we advise 4-10% but 5-6% is common used. It can be adjusted according to customer’s requirements. More than 8% used on the crude powder, the bright is better. While low concentration ratio used on the fine powder, the glow is better. (Refer to 25 kg plastic plus 1 kg luminescent pigment)
  • Procedure reference: First weigh the luminescent pigment in proportion and add a proper amount of diffusive oil (such as paraffin oil). Then stir for one minute to let it become paste. Next pour it into the weighed compound and stir for one minute. Finally stir the color powder for two minutes to complete the produce.
fast charging luminous powder