Glow in the dark powder absorbs the energy of light in a light environment and emits various colors of light in a dark environment. There are many colors of luminous powder, in order to meet the requirements of customers, any color can be made, but remind everyone that except for yellow-green, sky blue and blue-green, other colors are dyed with pigments, so these three colors Has the highest brightness.

Among these three colors, yellow-green is the most common and the most used color. There are two reasons for choosing yellow-green. The first reason is that the eyes are particularly sensitive to green, with the highest brightness among all colors. The manufacturer will choose the brightest color for sale.

The second reason is safety. Glow powder is non-toxic and non-polluting. Green represents safety and environmental protection, and the longest luminous time is simple and economical.

To some extent, there is a third reason. The yellow-green luminous powder can absorb light of various wavelengths and produce a glow, so it can be charged whether it is irradiated by sunlight or light. Other colors require specific wavelengths to absorb energy in order to shine in a dark environment.

In life, ultraviolet energy is the strongest, and all colors of luminous powder must be exposed to ultraviolet light to absorb energy. Some colors lose their charge under sunlight or light, and charging is difficult, while yellow-green can be easily charged, lasting, and bright.

color-card of glow powder