Nothing is scarier than a trail of footprints. For one, you don’t know how they got there. Also, you don’t know who (or what) made them! Was it a werewolf lurking around in the shadows, or just a harmless puppy dog? This Halloween, let’s spook the neighbors with a few creepy footprints. They are easy to create, and add a whole lot of Halloween spirit!

For glow in the dark footprints, all you need is a bottle of washable glow in the dark paint and a pair of feet! If you don’t want to use your own feet, you can always make a stencil of one left and one right foot. Think outside the box! You aren’t just limited to human feet! Try making werewolf feet or gigantic feet!

If you choose to use your own feet, cover the sole of both your feet with the glow in the dark paint. Walk along any place where you would want the footprints to show.

If you are using stencils, lay the stencil of the foot in alternating pattern and paint the inside of the stencil.

For an extra spooky effect, try making the footprints go in strange directions. For example, going up a tree, up the side of a building, disappearing, etc etc!

If you can’t find washable glow in the dark paint, don’t worry! There is another way to create spooky footprints! Instead of making a stencil of footprints, make a cutout. Place the footprints where you want them, and cover the area with a layer of flour (or baby powder). When you remove the footprints, you will have a reverse footprint effect (equally as scary)!

You can put these footprints just about anywhere you wish! If you have a black light, even better! Glow in the dark paints glow even longer when you put them under a black light. The flour (or baby powder) also glows!

Glow in the dark footprints