1. Ink adjustment: weigh luminescent pigment, transparent gloss oil, related additives. And mix them well (gloss oil, additives, manufacturers are different);
  2. Add luminescent pigment to 40-60% (weight ratio).
  3. Attentions on the luminescent pigment toner ink:
  • Mixed with neutral or weak alkaline transparent resin;
  • Store in glass, ceramics or plastic containers. Then mix and disperse. Avoid using metal;
  • The large proportion of luminescent powder and easy precipitation. So the ink coatings should be fully stirred and even before use.
  • Printing background color is mainly white or reflective color. It can improve brightness and luminous time. If add fluorescent powder, the proportion of fluorescent pigments is less than 1% of luminescent powder as far as possible. The less fluorescent pigments add, the less brightness effect to the luminescent pigment is.
  • In order to achieve good luminescent effect, try not to choose luminescent pigment with too fine particle size. Because the smaller the particle size of luminescent pigment, the weaker brightness of the glow in the dark pigment. And printing or coating thickness above 130 microns is preferable (80 mesh printing twice).