Ink luminous powder, no machine can test, how to compare the luminous effect of luminous powder? Spread the luminous powder on the hardboard, and illuminate it in sunlight, light, and natural light. The energy can be filled in 10-15 minutes, and then the luminous effect can be seen when the luminous powder is taken to a dark environment.

The luminous powder of luminous technology emits light in the dark environment for 8-12 hours, which can be used infinitely. The luminous life can reach more than 15 years. Among them, the yellow-green, blue-green, and sky-blue luminous powder has high luminous brightness and long luminous time. The most widely used. Other colors can also be customized. Adding different color pigments to the luminous powder can be achieved, but the luminous brightness is low, and the luminous time is short.

Ink luminous powder is divided into oily luminous powder and water-based glow in the dark powder. The oily luminous powder is recommended to be used in oily ink. The luminous powder itself is not waterproof. It will be hydrolyzed when contacted with water. It will be oxidized after a long time, turn into white powder, reduce to raw materials, and lose the luminous effect.

Luminescent Technology’s newly developed waterproof luminous powder (which can be used in water-based glow in the dark paint) is coated with luminous powder and will not be hydrolyzed when stored in an aqueous medium for two years. The waterproof luminous powder is commonly used in water-based and oil-based inks, but it is more expensive than oil-based luminous powder, so it is best to use it in aqueous media.

When screen printing is performed, the luminous ink is best made on a white base surface. The reflective effect of the bottom layer is used to improve the luminous brightness and afterglow time of the luminous pattern or logo. If the base surface is not white or light color, you need to brush a layer of white primer on the base surface with a thickness of 0.1 ~ 0.5mm; after brushing the white primer, keep the surface of the product free of oil stains and dust, and stir the luminous ink After homogenization, spray the luminous ink with a thickness of about 0.2 ~ 0.5mm. After spraying, let it dry naturally for 40-60 minutes or dry, and the luminous product is finished.

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