Many people will think that the Reflective sign and the glow in the dark sign are the same product, just the name is different. In fact, this is a wrong understanding. Let’s take a look at the difference between the Reflective sign and the luminous sign:

The Reflective sign and the luminous sign are two different products. The Reflective sign plate is made of reflective material. Only when the light hits the sign, will the light reflect out and it will not emit light. The luminous sign is made of glow in the dark powder, absorbs energy in a light environment, and releases energy and emits light in a dark environment.

Both the Reflective sign and the luminous sign have their own characteristics, and the way they use it in life is different. The Reflective sign card does not attract people’s attention during the day. Driving at night, passing through the place where there is no light, the reflection of light can remind us of the road ahead.

In the dark environment, the luminous sign does not need the illumination of the light, it will emit green light and will last for a long time. So they are completely two things.

Reflective sign
luminous sign