Our solid color luminous rings are made using a variety of different colors of luminous powder, which can produce amazing luminous effects. Using ultraviolet light, after the energy of this ring is full, it flashes like a neon light. In the daytime, it is just an ordinary silver ring, but in a dark environment, it is like magic.

This ring needs to be charged under ultraviolet light to keep the glow effect for a long time. Here is a suggestion for everyone, put it in the sun for 10-20 minutes, the energy can be filled. Using a purple light to illuminate, you can quickly charge, the charging time only takes 5 minutes.

In solid color luminous rings, each ring is hand-made with high-quality materials, customized and processed according to the size of each finger. Mix different colors of luminous powder with other materials and put them into the mold. Put the mold into a high-pressure machine to ensure that no bubbles are generated in the material. After the material is cured, put the ring in the machine and modify it according to the customized size.

There are many colors of solid color luminous rings. Their luminous brightness and luminous effect depend on the level of luminous powder. Among the luminous powder of the same level, yellow-green luminous powder has the best luminous effect, so in all color rings, yellow The green ring is the brightest. Different colors represent different meanings, according to your requirements, to customize a glowing ring!