Luminous paint is a kind of wall art painting. After visible light is irradiated for 10 to 20 minutes, it can continue to glow in a dark environment for about 12 hours. It can expand the monotonous plane into a strangely luminous dream space, which is quite popular among consumers. Today I will introduce the spraying method and precautions of luminous paint for your reference.

Luminous paint spraying method

1. The surface is flat, and the wall area is large. It is recommended to use the spraying method (use an air spray gun for construction).

2. When spraying with an air spray gun, do not need to dilute luminous paint, you can directly add thinner (BAC or toluene can be used), the amount of thinner added is less than 5% for the best effect, to avoid reducing the hiding power.

3. Luminous paint is a kind of water-based paint, which is non-toxic, non-polluting and environmentally friendly. Before spraying luminous paint, a layer of white primer needs to be sprayed on the wall, which can increase the luminous brightness of the luminous paint and speed up the light absorption.

Precautions for luminous paint spraying

1. Clean the construction surface before spraying. If it is not smooth, please repair the construction surface first; wait for it to dry completely, spray a layer of white primer.

2. After waiting for the white primer to dry completely, please spray 15-25 cm from the wall when spraying the luminous paint, wait for 5-10 minutes before spraying the second layer.

3. The spraying time of each layer is 5-10 minutes as the best effect; at least three sprays are the lowest benchmark, according to the uniformity after spraying; the fourth or more sprays can be sprayed, as the thickness of the paint film increases, The light storage capacity is stronger.

4. Luminous paint (drying time is about 15-20 minutes), after spraying is completed, spray a transparent paint to make the surface of the luminous paint brighter and longer-lasting.

glow in the dark room