1. Long-lasting lighting-After collecting light energy, it can glow in the dark. Just absorb 30 minutes of energy, luminous tape can be illuminated for up to 6-8 hours!
  2. Multifunctional indoor/outdoor safety-made of high-grade materials PET and luminous powder, luminous tape is very safe, non-toxic and non-polluting, waterproof, durable and environmentally friendly.
  3. Fast and easy to use-using the most advanced residue-free adhesive tape, it can be widely used on various surfaces and textures. Good stickiness is definitely an advantage. If necessary, remove the tape. You can use a hair dryer, the tape can be easily removed when heated
  4. It has good color waterproof and can be used in humid environment. When exposed to natural light or any other light, it can absorb energy and emit light in a dark environment.


1) It can be pasted on the surface of various items and equipment;

2) Various graphics and patterns can be cut and pasted;

3) Used for indoor safety, exit signs and signs, absorbing energy from any nearby ambient light (such as fluorescent lights or sunlight);

4) Widely used in ships, vehicles, underground, passages, fire protection and other places;

5) Can be used for the covering and decoration of the stage, set and stage decoration, arts and crafts and banquet decoration;

6) Used to mark the exit of the dark area, used to mark the light switch;

7) Others: switch electrical appliances, remote controls, wall switches, plugs, sockets, locks, flashlights, door handles, handrails, fire extinguishers, fire alarms, rescue equipment, etc.;

8) Safety signs: used for safety instructions and warnings, emergency exits and passages, subways, train stations, airports, air defense projects, KTV, movie theaters, supermarkets, hospitals, docks, etc.;

9) Any pattern can be printed on the surface of the luminous tape by screen printing.