Glow in the dark powder, also known as luminous powder, is an emerging rare-earth luminous material. Compared with previous zinc sulfide luminous powder, it has the characteristics of non-toxic, non-radioactive, high brightness, long luminous time, long service life, physical and chemical stability, etc. It can be widely used in many industries. There are three colors of luminous powder, namely yellow-green, blue-green, and sky blue.

Glow in the dark powder stores light energy after being irradiated by natural light, light, ultraviolet light, etc., and releases energy slowly after stopping the light, so light can still be seen at night or in the dark for a long time. For hours or even a dozen hours.

The luminous powder can be processed into luminous stones, luminous pebbles, luminous signs, luminous ceramics, etc. In people’s work and life, these luminous materials play an essential role in aesthetics, decoration, and safety instructions, and gradually become people’s lives An integral part of it. Luminous powder also involves other fields, and the correct luminous powder needs to be selected according to different products.

glow in the dark powder