Reflective paint, in the evening or in poor lighting conditions, there are lights, there will be a reflective effect, reflective paint is generally suitable for underground parking lot line, roadside fence, fence and so on.

Fluorescent paint, no reflection, no light, but the color is more than three times brighter than ordinary paint, many people will confuse luminous paint and fluorescent paint. Because fireflies can shine at night, many people think that fluorescent paints glow at night.

Glow in the dark paint is the energy that absorbs light during the day. It glows at night without light or weak light source. The darker the light, the more obvious the luminous effect. Luminous paint is generally suitable for: safety signs, escape signs, etc.

There are two kinds of luminous paints, one is the wall luminous paint, which decorates and protects the wall. The other is the ground varnish, which is used to decorate the floor and make signs. Both have the same purpose, which is to improve security.

glow in the dark paint