Mini golf has made people unable to extricate themselves, and now there is luminous 3D golf. The 3D experience is really great. Let’s feel it with good friends.

Recommend the curvy mini golf room in Hamilton. Even without glasses, their visual effects are extraordinary. This room with luminous effect was drawn by two German artists using glow in the dark paint. Once you put on 3D eyes, you will see incredible special effects. Travel through spectacular rooms, where you can play golf in space, in the sea, next to superheroes.

This 3D golf room is completely enclosed, and there will not be any sunlight coming in. The patterns painted on the walls and the ground can emit various colors of light through the illumination of the purple light. Turn off the purple light, the light on these patterns can last more than 10 hours.

Regardless of your technical water quality, you will definitely have a good time. Bring 3D glasses to find hidden routes on the track and try your luck in the more challenging holes.

The luminous golf room can provide birthday parties and multi-functional private rooms, so whether it is the company’s group building or party carnival, everything here can be satisfied. Let’s experience the luminous, 3D new experience together!