Graffiti, on the ground and the ground, drawing patterns and texts is a very popular culture abroad. It has beautiful artistic effects during the day, and some have a certain indicator. But at night, when the light weakens, these patterns And text can still be seen?

Glow technology can completely solve this problem; that is, the ordinary paint pigment sprayed on the ground is replaced with water-based glow in the dark paint. It is very beautiful in a light environment, and the luminous effect is very bright in a dark environment.

There are many reasons to choose glow technology waterborne luminous paint. In addition to being beautiful and able to serve as a safety reminder at night, it has higher brightness, longer afterglow time, stronger adhesion, more durable than the ordinary luminous paint on the market, and Non-toxic and pollution-free. Then, let’s teach everyone how to use luminous paint to spray ground patterns and text.

First, the base surface is treated to ensure that the construction base surface is dry, flat, and clean. Fix the mold and shield the mold around to avoid spraying the luminous paint to other places during construction. After that, spray paint on the ground to prevent the ground from absorbing moisture. After drying, spray a layer of white primer (which can increase the luminous brightness and light absorption speed of the luminous paint). Finally, the luminous paint is sprayed on the ground and needs to be sprayed twice to make the luminous effect of the luminous paint better.

glow in the dark paint