The picture below is taken under normal light and absorbs the energy of light in a light environment.

glow in the dark shoes

The picture below is taken in a dark environment. After being illuminated by light, it absorbs energy, releases energy in a dark environment, and emits a yellow-green luminous effect.

Yeezy Boost 350 V2 GID

So what is the effect of reflection? The picture below is a coconut star; the surface is covered with reflective materials. In a dark environment, the light needs to be illuminated to refract the luminous effect.


Here, Glow Technology uses the simplest way to let the little friends understand the difference between luminous and reflective light, and let the little friends know the principle of luminous light. Whether it is luminous or reflective, it is a very good idea to use it on shoes. In the selection, choose according to your preferences, walking on the street, you will always be the brightest baby.