Glow silk thread can increase the fun of cross stitch and embroidery patterns in a fun way. After being irradiated with light, the silk thread will glow in a dark environment. From Halloween designs to night scenes with glowing patterns, it is a perfect choice.

Although it looks good, the luminous effect of Yeguangsi County is very different from the feeling of ordinary cotton thread, and it is very difficult to sew. Next, I will teach you how to master this special fiber.

1. The choice of needle
In the dark environment, the luminous effect of luminous light will be knotted and twisted. For better management, it is recommended to use a shorter needle for suture; the length of the needle should not exceed 18 inches.

2. Adjust the tightness of the pattern
Compared with ordinary cotton thread, the texture of the luminous silk thread is more smooth. During the production, you can slide between the thumb and index finger several times, or use cotton to wipe. Using conditioner or beeswax, apply beeswax evenly with your fingers to make the luminous silk thread easier to manage.

3. How to thread the needle
Choosing a needle with a large pinhole can minimize the wear of the luminous thread. When threading, keep the length of the tail of the thread to minimize damage.

4. Use the frame to fix
During the sewing process, the use of the frame can keep the fabric tight, which helps to keep it open during the weaving process and minimize the resistance to the thread.

5. Charge the wire
The silk thread contains glow in the dark powder. If you want to see the luminous effect in a dark environment, you can charge it with natural light and artificial light. When the luminous effect disappears, re-illuminate the light and charge it.

6. Cleaning and maintenance
Like ordinary silk thread, washing and drying will not affect the luminous effect, but ironing and bleaching are not recommended

luminous fiber