Whether it is used in cars, phones, kettles, or other materials, luminous stickers glow in the dark environment can leave a lasting impression. Unlike most green glow in luminous materials, our luminous materials have a white appearance under light and look like ordinary stickers. When the light is off, the white area of the sticker will emit a yellow-green light.

The customization of luminous stickers is a fun way to create unique things. Use tools to make luminous stickers and design unique luminous works. When the lights are off, they will glow. You can achieve glow effects in wall stickers, helmet stickers, mobile phone stickers, car stickers, and create endless luminous works.

Whether it is a luminous powder, luminous paint, or other luminous materials, when exposed to natural light or artificial light, it can absorb energy and emit yellow-green light in the dark. In the first 10 minutes, it will emit the brightest light, which can glow for more than 10 hours. Luminous stickers are white and can be matched with other products.

Promote your business, special offers, events or amenities by creating your own custom glow in the dark stickers and applying them to any clean smooth surface. Use a black light to make them pop during daylight hours. Our affordable pricing allows you to get high quality stickers that look professional and clean without spending a fortune. Upload your own image or use our online design tool to style your own sticker before ordering online.