First, choose the right glow in the dark powder. The glow powder is divided into water-based luminous powder and oil-based luminous powder, you need to pay attention to the use of dyes, this depends on the dye to choose water-based or oily luminous powder! Water-based dyes must choose waterproof luminous powder, and this must pay attention to, if you use oily luminous powder, the luminous powder will lose the luminous effect.

When choosing dyes, you must pay attention to the fact that luminous powder is alkaline. When choosing dyes or other auxiliary materials, you must choose neutral or alkaline. If you choose an acidic medium, chemical reactions will occur.

The third step is the choice of fabric. When choosing the fabric, it is best to choose a softer, looser fabric. This kind of fabric absorbs well, and the luminous effect produced is also very obvious, for example, polyester, nylon, etc.

The steps for making luminous fabrics are also very simple, first dye the colors that cannot be dyed and dry. Pour the luminous powder into the container, add an appropriate amount of water, and stir constantly. During the stirring process, it is necessary to continuously increase the temperature, select the temperature according to the material of the cloth, and heat it for about an hour at a constant temperature.

Remove the luminous cloth from the container, wash the excess luminous powder with water, and dry it. Then add the fixing agent, heat again for 30 minutes, and finally dry.

waterproof luminous powder