The luminous powder is a material that can automatically emit light in a dark environment. The main component is “rare earth,” which belongs to inorganic materials.

Glow in the dark powder first absorbs light energy, converts it into energy, and then automatically emits light in the dark. By absorbing various light sources, it realizes the function of light emission and can be used indefinitely. The luminous powder has a strong absorption capacity for visible light, sunlight, and ultraviolet light below 450 nm.

The luminous powder is divided into two types, one is stored luminous powder, and the other is radioactive luminous powder. The luminous powder is stored after the luminous powder is illuminated by natural light, sunlight, light, etc., and the light energy is stored. When the irradiation is stopped, the energy is slowly released, and the luminous effect is emitted. To glow, last more than 12 hours.

The second type of luminous powder is no longer produced because it is poisonous, harmful, and polluting.

There is a lot of luminous powder. Short exposure time, long glow and afterglow time, and high brightness. It has stable physical and chemical properties, strong environmental adaptability, and long service life. The luminous powder is non-toxic and harmless, safe and reliable, saves energy, and is environmentally friendly. Luminous powder particles are small and have a uniform particle size distribution.

Now luminous powder is applicable to more and more fields, printing, coatings, fibers, plastics, glass, ceramics, and other proficient, no matter the factory workshop or family life, glow in the dark products can be seen everywhere.

glow in the dark powder