Long ago, glow in the dark powders could be divided into two types. The first type of luminous powder is called permanent luminous powder. It does not require any external energy, but relies on various elements in the luminous powder to carry out chemical reactions. It can emit uninterrupted, uniform, stable light, and it emits light. Time can last more than half a year.

The second type is called saving luminous powder. This luminous powder absorbs energy through a short time of sunlight or light. After stopping the irradiation, it will continue to emit light for a period of time.

The luminous powder we see in the market is the second kind of luminous powder, because this luminous powder is non-toxic and pollution-free, and the price is cheap, it is used by more and more industries and fields. Permanent luminous powder is difficult to find on the market because of its high production cost and radioactive elements, which can cause harm to the human body.

With the continuous improvement of technology, technicians have invented a waterproof luminous powder, which can be stored in water for one year or longer. Because of the improvement of technology, the luminous powder is more safe. Now, the field of luminous powder has already involved children’s products, which is enough to prove that the luminous powder has high safety.

waterproof luminous powder