• The glow in the dark pigment as a chemical product,not everyone know it very well, many people always ask the question “The luminescent pigment is not a necessity of life”, it’s a sharp topic in fact. In daily life, it’s really not a necessity, but sometimes it is. Hereby, we Glow technology show a case to let you know.
  • In the USA 911 terrorist attacks, when the disaster suddenly came, the World Trade Center building was in a complete blackout situation. Ordinary safety signs were useless, more than 18,000 survivors escaped from the World Trade Center following the road signs made of glow in the dark pigment. We hope the glow in the dark pigment will not be the necessary for a lifetime, but when we need it, it’s already there, so that’s the best thing.


  • The glow effect of luminescent pigment is said to be magical, so how does it glow? Is it the same as the fluorescent stick used in the concert? In fact, the glow in the dark pigment absorbs the  light source and stores it. When the light is weak or there is no light, it will release the stored brightness. Just like the water and water cup. It can be understood that the glow in the dark pigment is a cup that full of light and it can glow without electricity.
  • However, the fluorescent rod is not the same. It is a chemical reaction of the material inside, and it is also a one-time luminescence that can not be reused. Luminescent pigment stores light first when there is light source, then releases the stored light when no light which can be recycled used.


  • Another material called phosphor is also misunderstood as the glow in the dark pigment by many people. Although the fluorescent powder can emit light in dark, it just glow under the condition of ultraviolet light. It emits light when ultraviolet light irradiates and not emit light without that. The glow in the dark pigment can absorb light under ultraviolet and normal light. When the illumination stops,it continues to emit light, that is the biggest difference between phosphor and luminescent powder.
  • Generally speaking, the glow in the dark pigment as a luminescent chemical material is widely used. In the dark environment, the luminescent pigment’s glow is regarded as the indicator, bringing people safety. Again, the glow in the dark pigment, we hope it is not the necessary of life. But when we need it, it’s already there, so that’s the best.