There are a lot of luminous watches that must be illuminated by sunlight or light to have certain timeliness. Watches with added luminous powder can be stored in a dark environment for a period of time.

Glow in the dark watches, referred to as luminous watches, are painted with luminous powder on the dial’s numbers and hands. In the evening or a dark environment, you can see the time.

Luminous coating (lighting material): It is a new generation of luminescent material. It is applied to the hands and the dial. Under the illumination of sunlight and light, it absorbs energy. At night, all the absorbed energy is released, and there is no radiation.

In this way, the pointer can be distinguished in the absence of light to read the time.

In the early luminescent materials, radioactive substances caused unimaginable dangers, but now these radioactive materials are slowly replaced.

Nowadays, many designers will add the luminous light when designing the watch. In addition to the beautiful effect, it also has a very high practicality, so it is loved by many consumers.

Luminous watches