Whether it is to go camping or to climb mountains, it is inseparable from the protection of safety ropes. But at night, when the lights are dim and the safety rope is needed, the operation is difficult. Now that these problems have been solved, the glow safety rope has become the best field safety tool, and it can be easily seen at night.

When camping in the field, after the tent is set up, it needs to be fixed with a safety rope, but at night, the light is dim, and walking around the tent can easily trip over the safety rope. If you use the luminous safety rope, this will not happen, you can clearly see the rope at night to protect your safety.

The luminous safety rope is made of polypropylene. During the production process, the high-luminance glow in the dark powder is added. During the day, the appearance is light green, absorbing natural light or artificial light, and at night, the absorbed energy is released. Come out and transform into yellow-green light.

The structure of polypropylene is very strong, it can carry a weight of 80 pounds, very safe. The luminous powder added in the safety rope is also a very safe material, non-toxic and non-polluting, and can be carried around. Because it is made of polypropylene, it is lightweight, easy to carry, and can float on the water.

Luminous safety ropes can be used for various outdoor leisure applications, not just tents. He is very suitable for storing things, can be used for fishing, hiking, camping, backpacking, hunting, and emergency situations.