Glow In The Dark Paint

Glow Technology Glow in the dark paint is water-based acrylic paint. It can absorb light during the daytime, and create a glow effect in the dark environment, unlimited times. Our glow paint can be easily applied on multiple surfaces, dries fast, and maintenance-free.

  • How long will GlowTechnology’s luminous paint glow?

8-12hours. (1000lux,5mins / Din67510-11:2019)

  • How to apply and store glow in the dark paint?

Apply it with a brush, roller, and spray gun.

Store it in a dry, cool place, 0~50°c, avoid sunlight.

  • Where can the luminous paint be used?

It can be used for indoor, outdoor, on the surface of wood, metal,

dry-wall, and more.

6 Hours of brightness change after the luminous paint is fully charged by light

6hrs brightness change of glow powder

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