Glow In The Dark Stones

Glow in the dark stones (glow stone, glow in the dark rocks/pebbles) are resin or glass stones that create a unique luminous visual effect in the dark environment and require no electrical powder. Glow Technology’s glow stones have various day and glow color choices and last a lifetime indoors and out.

  • How long will GlowTechnology’s luminous stones glow?

8-12hours. (1000lux,5mins / Din67510-11:2019)

  • Where can glow in the dark pebbles be used?

They can be used indoors and out for night glow runway,

landscaping, pool flooring, aquarium, and more.

  • What kind of materials are luminous stones?

There are two kinds of materials: plastic resin glow pebbles and

glass glow in the dark rocks.

6 Hours of brightness change after the luminous stones are fully charged by light

brightness change of glow stone

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Different colors of Glow in the dark stones


Glow in the dark pebbles for various applications

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