When it comes to luminous stones, many people will feel a unique high-end atmosphere. Now luminous stones are divided into natural luminous stones and artificial luminous stones. Most of the luminous stones appearing on the market are artificial luminous stones, but when they use it, people are particularly worried. Is artificial luminous stone poisonous? In order to be able to distinguish artificial luminous stones from natural ones better, it is necessary to know what are the characteristics of artificial luminous stones before they can make a comparison.

Natural Luminous Stone:

The material of luminous stone is fluorite. Ordinary fluorite is a transparent or translucent blue or purple cubic crystals. You can often find them in rock veins near lead, tin, and zinc ore. It is the primary ore of fluorine. The main chemical composition of fluorite is calcium fluoride. But not all fluorite is called “night pearl.” The only glow in the dark gemstones can be called “night pearl.” Some natural luminous stones have radiation. So please test them before you wear them.

the picture of fluorite

Artificial Luminous Stone:

Artificial luminous stone is a kind of man-made glow in the dark stone, also called artificial luminous crushed stone, which is a high-tech self-luminous product. The composition is alkaline earth aluminate and silicate activated by rare earth elements. After absorbing all kinds of visible light for 10-20 minutes during the day, it can continue to emit light for more than 12 hours in the dark environment. Its luminous brightness and afterglow duration are 30-50 times than traditional ZnS luminous materials. Non-toxic and harmless to the human body.

glow in the dark stone

Glow Technology artificial glass stone type.

1.Resin material

High brightness and rich colors. Indoor use, not weather-resistant.

the resin luminous stone

2.Glass material

Outdoor use, strong weather resistance, and wear-resistant. Not as bright as resin, not as many colors as resin.

luminous stone

7 features of artificial luminous stone:

1. Low excitation light storage conditions and high brightness duration.

2. High and low-temperature resistance, excellent electrical insulation performance.

3. Excellent strength and hardness, corrosion resistance, and good chemical stability.

4. Optical performance, friction reduction, abrasion resistance, and sound damping performance.

5. No radiation,environmental protection, safety, and lightweight.

6. Plasticity is strong, the shape changes much, and the processing is easy.

7. Recyclable, recognized by increasing environmental awareness.

The applications of luminous stone.

Artificial luminous stone has the hardness and appearance characteristics of natural stone, and at the same time, has no radioactive hazards of natural stone. The product is widely used in interior and exterior decoration, garden design, and other fields. Its novel luminous effect not only beautifies the environment, but also embellishes, and sets off the landscape. It also has practical functions of night indication and marking, so it is popular with customers at home and abroad.

glow in the dark runway

Luminous (self-luminous) stone is a new type of indoor and outdoor decoration material developed by using resin or glass as the primary material and adding light-emitting raw materials for special processing and forming. There are natural molding and mold molding, and you can also crushed it like other materials. The use of ingredients, particle size, can be millimeters, can be used for road modeling, artistic concept manifestation, and guidance. Due to the small particle size, the transformation can be relatively simple, and it is the material of modern modeling art and guidance.

Are artificial luminous stones expensive?

The luminous stones are an affordable price for about US$10-20/kg, and people can rest assured to buy. They are environmentally friendly, energy-saving, safe to use, and can create a unique glow atmosphere. Make sure test samples before you purchase them, there are also low-quality one with very weak brightness and short afterglow. Glow Technology is pleased to offer free samples for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.