The luminescent sealant

Have you experienced the dilemma of going downstairs step by step without a glimmer of light when the light turned off?

Have you ever thought that you could see the staircase steps clearly in a dark environment without a flashlight?

Today we will show the luminescent sealant for all of you, just a squeeze, a fill, a scrape, easily to mark the stairway step position.

The picture shows the effect of the luminescent sealant, which is smooth in the daytime while bright as neon at night. With both decorative and practical, there are two colors for you to choose, also can be used cross-over, is the effect of the night beautiful?

Someone may ask if the usage of the luminescent sealant is complex. Here, the answer is straightforward. Then we Glow Technology will show you a detail description of the methods of luminescent sealant.

How to paint

First is the preparatory work. We need to prepare the rubber gun, mixing pipe, luminescent sealant, spoon, slotter, spade, brush, shovel, and a rag.

Install the luminescent sealant in the rubber gun when the tools are read. Please note that we must extrude 40 cm of the luminescent sealant before the construction, to ensure that the sealant can be thoroughly mixed.

01  Start the construction

  • When the tools are ready, then we begin the construction. Firstly, we should clean the staircase crevices with a rag to ensure the crevices are clean.

Next, inject the luminescent sealant, aim the mixing pipe at the stair crevice, then insert a proper amount of luminescent sealant into the crevice.

02 Fill the groove

  • Compact the luminescent sealant when it is injected into the staircase crevice and scraped out the gutter with a slotter.

03 Recycle residues

  • The excess sealant will overflow when using slotter to fill the gap, recycle the overflowing sealant to fill other gaps.

04 Waste removal

  • Wait for 3-4 hours after injecting the luminescent sealant. When the sealant is half dry, use a spade to remove the waste from the edge of the staircase crevice.

The construction of the luminescent sealant is said very simple, and we don’t need to worry about the complex operation. With this, we Glow Technology remind that to ensure the sealant is complete. It should be used 24 hours after the completion of construction.