Shanghai adds”web celebrity landmark “

As night falls,In addition to the street lights, the sky moonlight,There is a ramble in zhoupu,Can also “shine” oh,Fang you are thought of. The kind with decorative lights?Not too! Not too! This path is real, to be able to shine on its ownSounds crazy? Small square this take you to see ~

The day looks ordinary, even a little bit ordinary. But in the evening. It shines so brightly. This is the zhouzhu highway (zhouxing road – zhoukang road) in zhoupu town, pudong. As the first luminous walk in pudong, many of you have clocked it into your To Do List.

The technical principles of luminous roads

Why does this walk so shine? Xiao fang consulted the road builder— pudong road and bridge construction co., LTD.

Yan guojie, the company’s deputy chief engineer, said that the principle of luminous is not complicated, which has a lot to do with the use of road transparent binders. Transparent binders are mixed with stone materials with certain transparency and reflection effects. At the same time, the design of the road adopts the super-large void structure design. The luminous materials fully absorb and store energy during the day, and release in the form of light energy at night.

“Even in the middle of the night or at night when the weather is bad, the luminous road light dissipates,” yan said. “we can illuminate the road with light sources such as flashlights to quickly absorb energy and restore the luminous state.”

The new web celebrity clock

Such a shining path,Attracted a lot of friends. There are people who can’t waitInteract with the trail.

Even if you don’t show your face, even if you step on the trail of light even if the clock is successful. There are also many people who choose to DIY some interesting words and patterns on the luminous footpath. Use the light source such as flashlight or mobile phone lighting as the “brush”, and make the luminous pavement as the “canvas” to release your imagination to your heart’s content. (PS: shine a flashlight for a minute or two, and a little light will have an effect ~), DIY is also love your shape ~

In fact, in addition to light, zhou pu this luminous walk is also very human. In fact, the pavement is laid with drainage asphalt, has a strong ability of water permeability, rainy days skid resistance, high safety. This technology is the core technology of sponge city road, and has been applied in projects such as lujiazui, riverside footpath in qiantan park, and pedestrian footpath around dishui lake in lingang.