The colorful self-glow landscape pavement absorbs sunlight to store energy during the day. It emits a starry glow at night, a dreamy and magical star road! The glow in the dark pathway can be made by luminous paint and luminous stone.

Luminous paint is a special paint compounded by special technical treatment of glow in the dark powder combined with highly transparent resin material. Glow pavement coatings for the road field are mainly used in the high-luminance glow in the dark pavement. The road must be polished to a smooth surface; otherwise, the consumption of the glow paint will be more, and the cost is too high. It can also be used to make luminous markings, road signs, logos, and various patterns, showing a beautiful landscape effect.


Glow in the dark stone:

Luminous stone is made of glow in the dark pigment and synthetic glass to mix with the concrete. It is an incredible paving material that can dissipate absorbed ultraviolet energy in the form of light. Luminous stone is wear-resistant and weather-resistant. It has the hardness and appearance of natural stone. Its novel glowing effect not only beautifies the environment, embellishes and sets off the landscape, but also has practical functions for night indication and marking. Customers’ favorite.

Luminous stone can not only play a decorative role but also play safety and indicating a role in the absence of electricity or sudden power failure. At present, most countries in the United States and Europe have enacted legislation. The content is all building stairs must use luminescent materials at night to prevent natural disasters (earthquakes, tsunamis, typhoons, etc.) at night. Terrorist incidents and emergencies have caused the safe evacuation of people after a sudden power outage. At present, the application of luminescent materials is becoming more and more extensive in China.

In response to the construction concept of the national sponge city, all luminous roads are permeable concrete. On rainy days, water can quickly penetrate the ground, and there is no water storage. In summer, groundwater can reverse seep onto the ground, giving a fresh feeling, which is very suitable for people to walk on.

luminous stone

Glow in the dark stone permeable pavement construction process:

1.  The bottom of the gravel

As with ordinary concrete road construction, gravel cushions must be prepared first. And water should be sprinkled before pouring to keep the sub-grade wet and the road surface smooth.

2. Mixing and pouring

The mixing of permeable concrete should strictly control the water-cement ratio, and the water should be added in multiple times. First, the stone, cement, and 50% of the water consumption are added to the forced mixer and mixed for the 30S. The reinforcing agent is added and mixed for the 40s. And finally, the remaining water is mixed for the 50s to discharge.

3. Vibration, tamping, stirring, compaction and flattening

The initial setting time of permeable concrete is 2 hours. After mixing, paving should be carried out quickly, and expansion joints should be set. Spread luminous stone on the pavement after compaction, and then use a low-frequency plate vibrator to expose the glowing stone to the surface and blend it into the permeable concrete road smoothly

4. Maintain finished roads

The recommended membrane curing time for permeable concrete is more than 15 days, and sprinkle water curing for more than seven days. Be careful not to directly impact the concrete surface with a high-pressure water gun. Finally, spray permeable concrete topcoat and prevent passage.


What are the characteristics of glow in the dark pathway?

  1. Excellent physical and chemical properties can be used outdoors or in harsh environments, never change color.
  1. Has an exceptionally long service life (> 15 years), its light absorption, light storage, luminous performance can be used for an unlimited number of cycles.
  1. Excellent anti-slippery performance, strong compression resistance, and good wear resistance.
  1. The requirements for the excitation light source are particularly low. When the light intensity is 25LX, it can be used as the excitation light source. The light intensity of general buildings can reach more than 500LX, so sunlight, general lighting, and ambient light can be used as the excitation light source.
  1. After 10-20 minutes of irradiation, it can emit light for more than 12 hours.
  1. It does not contain any harmful objects and radioactive elements, harmless to humans and the environment.

The glow in the dark pathway used on the luminous road not only has the geometric shape of natural stone but also has a jade-like body color. There are different luminous colors of the glow in the dark gravel; various and colorful colors can be designed with pictures and patterns. It has broad application prospects in the fields of architectural decoration and home decoration. It can be widely used in roads, building materials, indoor and outdoor decoration, and other areas.

The luminous aggregates paved sidewalks is a new permeable pavement landscape made of luminous stones. Citizens can watch beauty at night. In conjunction with the river landscape, a pedestrian walkway dotted with blue-green shimmering, glowing stones is built to create a warm atmosphere. Build a beautiful place like the stars in the Milky Way, express it on the permeable concrete pavement with luminous stones. Make people realize the romance of being in a dream, lament the mystery of the universe.