Street graffiti, painting patterns and words on the ground are very popular cultures abroad. During the day have beautiful artistic effects and have certain indications. But at night, after the light is weakened, can you still see these patterns?
Glow Technology can solve this problem completely. Replace the ordinary paint pigment to the water-based luminous paint. Below is the ground pattern sprayed with water-based luminous paint. It is very beautiful in the light environment. And in the dark environment, the effect of luminous is also very bright.

There are many reasons for choosing Glow Technology Waterborne Luminous Paint. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing and functioning as a safety reminder at night, it has many advantages. Such as higher brightness, longer afterglow time, stronger adhesion and durability than the market common luminous paint. Non-toxic and non-polluting. Then, let’s teach you how to use the luminous paint to paint the ground pattern and text.

1. First of all, ensure that the construction ground is dry, smooth and clean.

2. Fix the mold and shield the mold around to avoid spraying the paint to other places during construction.

3. Mix the sealing primer and the curing agent in a ratio of 100:15. And then sprayed.

4. The amount of each square meter is less than 0.1kg so that the base surface can be wetted. And wait for one hour after the construction of the closed primer (related to the temperature of the construction environment and the paint film touched dry). Then proceed to the next step.

5. Spray the white primer, curing agent, and water in a ratio of 100:8:5 and spray.

6. Use 0.15-0.2kg per square meter to ensure that the base surface does not leak. Wait for about two hours after the white primer is applied (also related to the temperature of the construction environment, the paint film can be touched dry). And then spray the luminous paint.

7. Mix the luminous paint, curing agent and water in a ratio of 100:8:10 and spray them. And the amount per square meter is less than 0.2kg.

Luminous paint needs to be sprayed twice, at least two hours apart. And please ensure that the first layer of luminous film is completely dry, and then the second layer of construction (related to the temperature of the construction environment, the film touch dry).

After the two layers of varnish are completely dry (must wait for more than two hours). Then apply a transparent cover paint to make the varnish more resistant to dirt, easy to clean, and extend the service life. Glow Technology reminds everyone that in order to ensure the use of luminous paint. And the recommended construction temperature is 10 – 35 ° C and the summer construction avoids the noontime.