Is there any difference between your monotonous parking space markings and the neighbors’?

If you want to find it at a glance at night, try this—— the glow in the dark marking paint. And with three simple steps, let your line glow in the dark. Make your position unique out of the ordinary.

At night, under the dark sky, we can’t see the parking line clearly, it’s easy to cause potential safety hazards. The advantage of the luminescent landmark is to use its glow effect to provide safety and convenience for parking.

The luminescent ground paint has many advantages. Its advantages lie in high brightness, long afterglow time, high strength, abrasion resistance, aging resistance, impact resistance, and strong adhesion. Then, we Glow Technology will describe the construction of luminescent floor paint.

the construction of luminescent floor paint

01. Clean up the ground

  • Use the broom or cloth to clean the construction area.And to ensure that the ground is clean and clean without dust or water stains.

02. Paste label tape

  • Stick label tape on both sides of the construction.

03. Seal the primer

  • Brush a layer of sealing primer in the construction area after pasting the label tape.

04. Brush the white primer

  • Paint the white primer on the sealed primer surface by using a brush or drum in the working area.

05. Mix the coating

  • Wait for 2 hours after the paint white primer until the white primer surface is dry. And mix the night varnish, water, and curing agent at the ratio of 100:10:8.

06. Brush the luminescent paint

  • After the luminous paint is thoroughly mixed, brush, or roll the first layer of luminous paint on the white primer. Then wait for 2 hours until the luminescent coating surface is dry, brush or roll the second layer of luminescent coating.

It can be used 24 hours later when the second layer of luminescent paint is finished. Hereby, we Glow Technology would like to advise that we must ensure that the paint is uniform in the process of painting, in case that the glow is uneven.