The distribution room is an indoor distribution place with low voltage load. And it is mainly distributes electric energy for low voltage users. And it is equip with medium voltage incoming line (with a small number of outgoing lines), distribution transformer and low voltage distribution device.

The equipment with voltage grade of 10kV. Therefore, below is divided into high-voltage distribution room and low-voltage distribution room. High voltage distribution room generally refers to 6kv-10kv high voltage switch room. Low-voltage distribution room generally refers to 10kV or 35kV station with an outlet line of 400V distribution room.

The use of luminous products on the wall of the power distribution room can improve the level of safety. In the case of power failure, workers can carry out construction more safely and conveniently, thus bringing higher safety. Luminous paint falls in the illuminate of sunshine or lamplight, store energy. So when arrive at night or when blackout, it can give off light for a long time. It will improve security , and saves electricity again.